What is NHS looking for?

What is NHS looking for?

The organization seeks out student leaders who convey good problem solving skills and contribute ideas to the world around them. If you want to be an NHS member, you need some leadership experience on your resume. Get involved in your school. Join a club that speaks to your passions and go for a leadership role.

What does leadership mean in NHS?

“Leadership is about Influencing people by what you say and do. Good leadership is influencing someone to do something well or better. Great leadership is when you influence someone to be the very best they can be.”

What are the values of the NHS?

Values of the NHS Constitutionworking together for patients. Patients come first in everything we do.respect and dignity. commitment to quality of care. compassion. improving lives. everyone counts.

Why is leadership important in the NHS?

In healthcare, leadership is decisive in influencing the quality of care1 and the performance of hospitals. 2 How staff are treated significantly influences care provision and organisational performance so understanding how leaders can help ensure staff are cared for, valued, supported and respected is important.

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