What is SAP HANA scale out?

Scale out means combining multiple independent computers into one system. The main reason for distributing a system across multiple hosts (that is, scaling out) is to overcome the hardware limitations of a single physical server. This allows an SAP HANA system to distribute the load between multiple servers.

What is the minimum BW on HANA scale out landscape that SAP recommends?

three nodes
It is strongly recommended to have a minimum of three nodes for a HANA scale out database available. In two nodes landscapes the table distribution and the parallel process degree would not be benefitial.

How do I start scale out of HANA?

You can use SAPControl to start or stop all the hosts in a scaled-out SAP HANA system from the command line….Starting and Stopping Distributed SAP HANA Systems Using SAPControl.

Action Command
Start the system /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/sapcontrol -nr -function StartSystem HDB

Is SAP BW going away?

If you’re just talking about SAP BW as a technology vis-à-vis HANA Live the answer is no, they can interoperate. If you ask if SAP BW as a data warehouse in theory goes away the answer is also no. It’s a technology that’s deeply embedded inside of the NetWeaver stack and therefore ERP, so it’s not going to go away.

Is SAP HANA scalable?

There are two general approaches you can take to scale your SAP HANA system: scale up and scale out. Scale up means increasing the size of one physical machine by increasing the amount of RAM available for processing. This allows an SAP HANA system to distribute the load between multiple servers.

What are some features of SAP HANA?

SAP HANA Capabilities

  • Database Services. Simplify your IT landscape and reduce data management burdens with a unique and enterprise-proven database platform.
  • Multi-Model Processing with Advanced Analytics.
  • Application Development.
  • Data Virtualisation.

How do I reduce the size of my DB in Hana?

How to reduce your HANA database size by 30%

  1. Run this script in a QA system before production, for test purposes and so you know how long it will take.
  2. Run it at a quiet time when data loads are not running.
  3. Ensure you have a full backup.
  4. Use this script at your own risk, like any DDL statement it could cause issues.

How much RAM is required for SAP HANA?

24 GB
To install SAP HANA, your machine needs a minimum of 24 GB of RAM.

What is SAP HANA High Availability?

High availability is the name given to a set of techniques, engineering practices, and design principles that support the goal of business continuity and also ensure that data and services are available to authorized users when needed. SAP HANA is fully designed for high availability.

Is SAP BW still relevant?

There will be no more updates coming for SAP BW, nor will SAP support it in the future. But it still holds relevance in several situations and edge cases. The utilization of an SAP BW install to fill a need that SAP S/4 HANA doesn’t address is still valid.

What is the difference between SAP BW on HANA and SAP’s 4 HANA?

SAP BW on HANA and BW4/HANA are different application suites running on the same database. SAP BW on HANA uses SAP’s legacy BW software, but moves it to the HANA database. BW/4HANA uses a reengineered software suite designed to fully harness the power of the HANA database.

What is unique about SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is fully ACID compliant. This means that the in-memory database of SAP HANA has guaranteed, secure and reliable database transactions. Multi-tier storage in the database allows the user to store data both in in-memory storage or in a disk (in columnar format).

How big does BW on Hana need to be?

SAP HANA memory > 2.5TB: dynamic tiering storage should not exceed 8x the size of SAP HANA. The ‘hot’ data would by-default reside in-memory and if this data is large the scalability mechanisms highlighted in the next section need to be considered. BW on HANA is generally available for both single node and scale-out architectures.

How to configure SAP HANA for scale out?

Learn more about how to configure Configure SAP HANA Table-Distribution for BW-on-HANA Scale-Out Systems in an how to guide: If memory requirements exceed the available memory of a single server node, a scale out solution consisting of multiple server nodes can be deployed.

What are the best practices for SAP BW on Hana?

The typical scale-out architecture and for an SAP BW on HANA system is highlighted in Figure 3. There is a very good summary of the best practices when it comes to SAP BW scale-out deployment documented here. Figure 3. Scale-out Architecture SAP BW on HANA

How are scale-out clusters safeguarded in Hana?

HANA scale-out clusters are also safeguarded via standby node that can take the role of any node (master or any other worker/slave node). In case of large HANA clusters, a secondary standby node can be considered (but this also depend on the underlying clustered file system).

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