What is the adjective form of sternum?

What is the adjective form of sternum?

[ stur-nl ] SHOW IPA. / ˈstɜr nl / PHONETIC RESPELLING. adjective. of or relating to the sternum.

What is sternum medical term?

(STER-num) The long flat bone that forms the center front of the chest wall. The sternum is attached to the collarbone and the first seven ribs. Also called breastbone.

What is another term for the sternum?

Sternum Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for sternum?

chest breast
thorax body
front torso
trunk heart
peritoneum ribs

What is the sternum function?

Your sternum, along with your ribs, works to protect the organs of your torso, such as your heart, lungs, and chest blood vessels. Support. Your sternum also provides a connection point for other parts of your skeletal system, including your collarbone and most of your ribs.

What is the root word of sternum?

The word itself comes from the Greek sternon, “chest, breast, or breastbone,” from a root that means “flat surface.”

What does the sternum consist of?

The sternum consists of three parts: the manubrium (the upper segment of the sternum, a flattened, roughly triangular bone), the corpus (body) of the sternum, and the xiphoid process (the little tail of the sternum than points down).

What are the three parts of the sternum?

The sternum is divided anatomically into three segments: manubrium, body, and xiphoid process.

What is the top part of the sternum called?

  • Manubrium. This is the top part of your sternum. Your collarbone and your first set of ribs connect here.
  • Body. The body is the middle part of the sternum and is also the longest.
  • Xiphoid process. This is the lower part of the sternum.

What are 3 parts of the sternum?

Which of the following attach to the sternum directly?

True ribs (1–7) attach directly to the sternum via their costal cartilage. The false ribs (8–12) either attach to the sternum indirectly or not at all.

What 3 parts can the sternum be divided into?

The sternum is a partially T-shaped vertical bone that forms the anterior portion of the chest wall centrally. The sternum is divided anatomically into three segments: manubrium, body, and xiphoid process. The sternum connects the ribs via the costal cartilages forming the anterior rib cage.

Why does the top of my sternum hurt?

Costochondritis is the most common cause of sternum pain and occurs when the cartilage between the sternum and ribs becomes inflamed and irritated. Costochondritis can sometimes occur as the result of osteoarthritis but may also happen for no apparent reason.

Are there any synonyms for the word non sequitur?

Non Sequitur synonyms. Top synonyms for non sequitur (other words for non sequitur) are fallacy, contradiction and sequitur.

Which is the plural form of the word sternum?

(stɜːʳnəm ) Word forms: plural sternums. countable noun. Your sternum is the long flat bone which goes from your throat to the bottom of your ribs and to which your ribs are attached.

What does the Latin word sequitur mean in English?

The Latin verb sequi (“to follow”) has actually led the way for a number of English words. A sequel follows the original novel, film, or television show. Someone obsequious follows another about, flattering and fawning.

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