What is the best area to live in Denver CO?

Here are the top neighborhoods in Denver, CO, in no particular order:

  • Capitol Hill. Denver Capitol Building.
  • Uptown. Uptown, North Capitol Hill, Denver.
  • Highlands. West Highland, Denver.
  • Sloans Lake. Denver’s Sloans Lake from border at Edgewater, CO.
  • Baker.
  • Cherry Creek.
  • Five Points.
  • Washington Park.

What neighborhood in Denver should I move to without a car?

One of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods, Capitol Hill is also one of the easiest for getting around without a car. It’s close to downtown, the South Broadway area and East Colfax, making it possible to accomplish most errands on foot.

Where should I live if I move to Denver?

Here are a few of the best places to live in Denver.

  • The Highlands.
  • RiNo (River North)
  • Capitol Hill.
  • Harvey Park.
  • Platt Park.
  • Sunnyside.

Where should I not live in Denver?

Top Bad Areas of Denver

  • Highland. This is the bad part of Denver.
  • Park Hill. This neighborhood has a population of 28,587 people and average livability of 68%.
  • Lodo. 8,519 people have settlements all around this lower downtown of Denver.
  • Southwestern Denver.
  • Jefferson Park.
  • Northwestern Denver.

What is the most expensive neighborhood in Denver?

Top 10 Most Expensive Neighborhoods to Rent in Denver

  • Central/North Boulder 80304. Median Home Value – $928,500.
  • Boulder 80302. Median Home Value – $841,100.
  • Washington Park. Median Home Value – $724,900.
  • South Boulder 80305.
  • Congress Park/Cherry Creek 80206.
  • Boulder 80303.
  • Sedalia 80135.
  • Platte Park/Rosedale/University.

Why is Denver so popular?

Its friendly climate is another reason Denver is so popular. Listed as a semi-arid continental climate, Denver is partly dry but its weather is also affected by the nearby mountains that tend to change both its temperature and its degree of humidity. Denver residents and visitors enjoy four distinct seasons.

Is it possible to live in Denver without a car?

Living in Denver without a car is hardly an issue. Good public transportation, great walk/bike paths and few cold, overcast days makes it a breeze. Denver proper has more than 20 neighborhoods. Virtually all accommodate people without a car.

Can you get by without a car in Denver?

Ultimately, one can see and experience much more by using their feet or a bike as a main source of transport. Denver is lovely, and compacted largely within these wonderful districts. Because of this, visiting without a car is absolutely doable.

Is 100k a good salary in Denver?

After all, the median income for the American worker in 2019 is about $47,000 a year. But a new report shows that a yearly $100,000 income goes a lot further in some cities than others. Denver was rated the 13th-worst city in which to survive for those earning $100,000.

What salary do you need to live comfortably in Denver?

You need to earn about $62,928 per year, or $30.25 per hour to comfortably rent a median one-bedroom apartment in Denver. This factors in the idea you will still want some money to splurge and save and not spend it all on rent. You should also consider the living wage when calculating the cost of living in Denver.

What are the worst areas in Denver?

The most dangerous areas in Denver is based on data from the local law enforcement agency and when not available, also includes estimates based on demographic data.

  • Five Points. Population 16,264.
  • City Park. Population 8,202.
  • Capitol Hill. Population 21,726.
  • Central West Denver.
  • Northern Denver.
  • Baker.
  • Auraria.
  • Jefferson Park.

Is it safe to walk around Denver at night?

Most Denver neighborhoods in and around the city are safe, but some are to be avoided, especially at night. If you’re downtown, don’t wonder into less populated areas. Stay on the main streets and sidewalks. Public transportation is affordable and easily accessible, and cabs run most hours of the night.

Which is the best area to live in Denver?

The 25 Best Neighborhoods in Denver 2020. Menu. 25 Best Neighborhoods. 1 / South Park Hill. 2 / Washington Park. 3 / Congress Park. 4 / West Highland. 5 / Cherry Creek. 6 / Speer.

What are the names of the neighborhoods in Denver?

The whole area is historically just called North Denver, and some long time residents still honor this name. Small subsections of the Highlands region include the Lower Highland (LoHi), which is the southern start at Platte Street, bordering the South Platte River and Lower Downtown, as well as Sunnyside and Berkeley on the northern edge by I-70.

Where are the hippest places to live in Denver?

As with most major cities, the hippest neighborhoods tend to be closest to the city core. Denver is no exception and our guide reflects this. Below we share the most popular places to live and visit in Colorado’s capital city. The heart of Denver is its downtown and for most people the desirable neighborhoods put you in or around it.

What are the pros of living in Denver?

If you can stomach the prices, one major pro of living in Denver is the views. No matter which neighborhood you choose, the metro is surrounded by 140 miles of panoramic mountain views, totaling 200 visible peaks. That said, the very first step to becoming a Denverite is picking a neighborhood.

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