What is the default value for bool in C#?

What is the default value for bool in C#?

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Type Default value
bool false
char ‘\0’ (U+0000)
enum The value produced by the expression (E)0 , where E is the enum identifier.
struct The value produced by setting all value-type fields to their default values and all reference-type fields to null .

What is the default value of a bool value variable?

The default value for a Boolean (object) is null . The default value for a boolean (primitive) is false .

What is the default DateTime value in C#?

January 1, 0001
The default and the lowest value of a DateTime object is January 1, 0001 00:00:00 (midnight). The maximum value can be December 31, 9999 11:59:59 P.M.

Does bool default false C#?

For bool, the default value is false.

What is default keyword in C#?

The default keyword can be used in three ways: To specify the default label in the switch statement. As the default operator or literal to produce the default value of a type. As the default type constraint on a generic method override or explicit interface implementation.

Is bool false by default C#?

The default value of the bool type is false .

What is default long value?

float data type is a single-precision 32-bit IEEE 754 floating point. Wrapper Class: Float Float is mainly used to save memory in large arrays of floating point numbers. Default value: 0.0f. long: The long data type is a 64-bit two’s complement integer.

What is the default value for string?

Default Values

Data Type Default Value (for fields)
float 0.0f
double 0.0d
String (or any object) null

What is DateTime now in C#?

Gets a DateTime object that is set to the current date and time on this computer, expressed as the local time. public: static property DateTime Now { DateTime get(); }; C# Copy.

What is return default in C#?

The default keyword returns the “default” or “empty” value for a variable of the requested type. For all reference types (defined with class , delegate , etc), this is null . For value types (defined with struct , enum , etc) it’s an all-zeroes value (for example, int 0 , DateTime 0001-01-01 00:00:00 , etc).

Is default in C#?

The default literal expression produces the same value as the default(T) expression where T is the inferred type. You can use the default literal in any of the following cases: In the assignment or initialization of a variable. In the declaration of the default value for an optional method parameter.

Is C# a keyword?

The C# language has the is keyword which allows you to check if a variable is of a given type. The as keyword is a defensive cast, which means that a cast will be attempted and if the object is not able to be casted to the supplied type null is returned instead.

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