What is the definition of tear jerking?

What is the definition of tear jerking?

adjective. Slang. Affectedly or extravagantly emotional: bathetic, gushy, maudlin, mawkish, romantic, sentimental, slushy, sobby, soft, soppy.

What is the meaning of Terar?

(tɪəʳ dʒɜːʳkəʳ ) also tearjerker. Word forms: plural tear-jerkers. countable noun. If you refer to a play, film, or book as a tear-jerker, you are indicating that it is very sad or sentimental. [informal]

Is tear jerker a genre?

The film has also earned largely positive reviews, an anomaly for a movie described most often as a tear-jerker, a genre typically looked down upon by critics and elitist types.

How do you use tear jerker in a sentence?

Tear-jerker sentence example

  1. I must admit it ‘s still a tear jerker now.
  2. This is a real tear-jerker – the ‘ dream ‘ scene was one of the most memorable for me.
  3. Squashee Phil Hardy showed his folk roots with the tear-jerker âScotland Is My Homeâ, which, factually, is hard to argue with.

What is nail biter means?

: something (such as a close contest) that induces tension or anxiety.

What is a jerker?

Definitions of jerker. someone who gives a strong sudden pull. synonyms: yanker. type of: puller. someone who applies force so as to cause motion toward herself or himself.

What comes out of your eyes when you cry?

Whether you’re crying or your eyes are just tearing, the liquid in your eyes is created the same way. All tears come out of tear glands, or lacrimal (say: LAH-krum-ul) glands, found way up under your upper eyelids. Tears wash down from the glands and over your eyes.

What does Taring mean?

1 : a deduction from the gross weight of a substance and its container made in allowance for the weight of the container also : the weight of the container. 2 : counterweight. tare. verb. tared; taring.

Is tear-jerker hyphenated?

tearjerker. Something, especially a work such as book or film, that evokes such a strong emotional reaction that it literally makes one cry. Sometimes hyphenated as “tear-jerker.” The book tells the story of a boy searching for his real family, and it’s a tearjerker from start to finish.

Is tear jerker hyphenated?

What’s another word for tearjerker?

What is another word for tearjerker?

melodrama tragedy
sentimental story hard-luck story
hardship tale sorry tale
tale of woe emotional appeal
schmaltzy story pathos

Is nail-biter one word?

One who bites one’s fingernails as a nervous habit. A situation marked by tense nervousness or apprehension, especially an athletic contest whose outcome is uncertain near its finish. Alternative spelling of nail-biter. …

What’s the meaning of the phrase’tearjerker’?

Jack is such a creep, he’s a tearjerker. Get a Tearjerker mug for your Aunt Zora. To masturbate furiously while crying about your inability to get laid or the fact that you are just a pussy in general. Fred struck out with all the skanks at the bar, so he went home to give himself a tear jerker.

Which is the best song for a tearjerker?

— Marina Liao, Marie Claire, 23 Feb. 2021 One of the most empathetic songs in Swift’s catalogue, as well as her most reliable tearjerker. — Nate Jones, Vulture, 11 Jan. 2021 But their movies underwhelmed, and the HFPA probably isn’t going to pass up a chance to fete Loren in a late-career tearjerker.

What are the saddest songs in country music?

Here are 21 country songs, in no particular order, that might make you bite a quivering lip. (Photo courtesy of The Everett Collection) It’s one of a billion country songs about lost love, but it’s hauntingly beautiful. It was written by Aaron Barker. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Why was terms of endearment a tearjerker?

A movie that is often intended for women that had a sad, emotional ending. Terms of Endearment was a tearjerker, because of that funeral at the end. Get a tearjerker mug for your father-in-law Manley. Get a la chancla mug for your brother-in-law Georges.

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