What is the difference between RS-232 and RS-232C?

Because this adoption date was so long ago, most manufacturers, including National Instruments, have dropped the “C” from the name and simply refer to the protocol as RS-232. In common, modern usage, there is no difference between RS-232 and RS-232C, protocol.

Can RS-232 be used for video?

No it will not work with a VGA monitor. If it is specifically marked as RS-232 (or with a string of one’s and zero’s), then it is a serial port for things like serial mice. If it on the other hand, it is marked with Mon. or a rectangle, then it is a DE-9 connector for CGA or EGA monitors.

What is a RS-232C port used for?

An RS-232 serial port is most often used by repair technicians to perform diagnostics and service updates. It may also be used to control a device when connected to a computer running a home automation system or Custom Integrated Audio/Video (A/V) system, such as the CAV-M1000ES Multi-room A/V Distribution System.

What is remote RS-232C?

In simple terms, an RS-232 connection on a projector, for example, allows you to control the device remotely using a third party interface, such as a Macro Wall Controller, PC-based control software or a touch screen device such as an iPad or Android tablet connected to a control processor.

How do you make an RS232 cable?

Construct your own DB25-to-DB25 RS232 serial cable with a few parts and basic soldering skills.

  1. Create four jumper wires from a two-inch piece of data cable.
  2. Strip off two inches of the protective sheath from both ends of the six-foot data cable.
  3. Plug in the soldering iron and allow it to heat up for five minutes.

What does RS232 stand for?

Recommended Standard 232
In telecommunications, RS-232, Recommended Standard 232 is a standard originally introduced in 1960 for serial communication transmission of data.

What is RS485 protocol?

RS-485 is a duplex communication system in which multiple devices on the same bus can communicate in both directions. It is connected to the RS-485 differential transceiver that makes up the physical layer and converts the signals into the half-duplex differential format for use on the RS-485 bus.

What is RS-232C setup?

RS-232C Setup. Connect the RS-232C (serial port) input jack to an external control device (such as a computer or an A/V control system) to control the product’s functions externally. Connect the serial port of the control device to the USB jack on the product back panel.

What’s the difference between Rs 232 and RS 485?

RS-232 still appears to be popular in the professional video industry, however. On the other hand, the NEC XG projectors use HD-15 plugs for serial connections (I believe because they support both RS-232 and RS-485). Aside to bkchurch: a quick Googling of RS-232 would have gotten you the answer also.

How is RS-232 used in AV systems?

HowToAV.tv takes a look at RS-232 control and how it fits into a fully integrated AV system. RS-232 Serial Connection is the common standard for connecting professional AV and home automation devices to control systems.

What’s the difference between a VGA and RS-232 cable?

Today RS-232 is most synonymous with the DE-9 physical connector, sometimes being sold as a “RS-232 cable” even though that item description doesn’t really mean any thing. RS-232 is a communication standard. VGA is a physical connector that uses the I2C communication standard. Doing this every morning can snap back sagging skin (no creams).

What’s the difference between EIA 232 and RS-232-C?

The formal standard that later became mainstream was EIA 232 C, where EIA is the standard institute and C is revision. This one is sloppily referred to as RS-232-C, since RS-232 is such a well-known name. But strictly speaking, it is slang and not the correct term to use. – Lundin Jan 29 ’19 at 14:59

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