What is wet stock analyst?

Orpak’s wetstock management uses innovative algorithms to detect irregularities in station operations and inventory levels, analyze possible causes and facilitate key decisions to improve business performance. Event analysis to identify losses. Expert view on trends over time to achieve vital insight.

What is wet stock management?

Wetstock management by simple definition is the management of fuel, whether that be at a retail forecourt, fuel depot, mine, bus depot etc. Good wetstock management assists companies with keeping track of their fuel movements, and also comes in handy when fuel losses are problematic and need explaining and resolving.

What is wet and dry stock?

Dry stock is anything that comes from the kitchen and wet stock is anything that’s sold behind the bar. This is so that you can easily replace and work out the value of the stock, rather than try and work out the value of the item as an individual.

What is classed as a wet pub?

A wet pub is a pub that does not serve food, instead relying entirely on drinks sales for revenue. In tier two, pubs are allowed to open again, but only if they serve food.

What does dry Stock mean?

Dry stock farming consists predominantly of pasture grazing beef cattle, sheep, and deer for meat, wool, and velvet production. Typically, deer are farmed in conjunction with sheep and beef, rather than stand alone deer farms.

What does wet-led mean?

A wet pub, or ‘wet-led’ pub, is a bar which doesn’t serve food and relies entirely on the sale of drinks for its business.

What does wet sales only mean?

‘Wet’ refers to drink sales while ‘dry’ refers to food sales.

What is dry stock farm?

What is meant by a wet pub?

A wet bar is a small bar used for mixing and serving alcoholic beverages that includes a sink with running water, as opposed to a “dry bar” that does not include a sink. A wet bar can increase the rate at which drinks are served because of the sink, which allows for glasses to be cleaned immediately.

What’s a wet pub?

What are wet sales?

‘Wet’ refers to drink sales while ‘dry’ refers to food sales. Read more.

What is dry stock in retail?

At H2, certain suture material stock is held as dry stock in the Stores Department and the theatre is able to order additional consumables in a ‘buy out’ (purchase and delivery of non-tender items).

What do you need to know about wetstock management?

What is wetstock management? Wetstock management helps you to detect fuel losses from leaks, theft or delivery shortages, spot maintenance issues early saving you money and future proof against changes in compliance requirements. In the past, wetstock management could have been as simple as reconciling weekly fuel levels with deliveries and sales.

What does wet stock management mean in fuel storage?

Wet stock management is the process that a fuel storage operator would use to keep accurate control of the purchase and sales of all fuel delivered and dispensed on their site.

What is wetstock management and what is DSEAR?

In the past, wetstock management could have been as simple as reconciling weekly fuel levels with deliveries and sales. Following the introduction of DSEAR Regulations, site operators bear more responsibility to protect the environment, their employees and all visitors.

How often does suresite send data to wetstock?

Unlike traditional wetstock analysis, Suresite Wetstock is a fully real-time solution, sending data continuously from your site every minute, every hour of every day.

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