What is Wonder Bread slang for?

adjective. 1. (pejorative, slang, ethnic slur) A white person.

What does bread mean in slang?

Bread is a slang word for money. The money earned from a high paying job is an example of bread.

What type of bread is wonder?

whole grain white breads
In 2006, Wonder was one of the first bread brands to introduce whole grain white breads such as “Wonder Made with Whole Grain White” as a bread that appealed to consumers who loved the taste of white bread, but who were looking for more nutrition These breads were made with an albino wheat variety that doesn’t have the …

What is so bad about Wonder Bread?

Wonder Bread Classic White As with any other simple carb, your body is going to digest each slice of bread quickly, leaving your stomach grumbling and your blood sugar unsteady, which may lead to unhealthy cravings shortly after eating and extra calories consumed.

Is Wonder Bread one word?

(derogatory, slang) Synonym of white bread, bland, boring; conventional, bourgeois. (ethnic slur) Synonym of white bread, of or relating to white people.

Is Wonder Bread discontinued?

When the bread’s parent company Hostess Brands went officially out of business in 2012, Wonder Bread ceased to line the shelves of supermarkets. Thankfully, a savior swooped in.

What does it mean when someone sends you a bread emoji?

🍞 Meaning – Bread Emoji The emoji of a loaf of bread is the symbol for food. Bread Emoji can be used to say “I’m hungry.”, “I’m going to eat something.” or to emphasize the fact that there is nothing complicated or barely anything to eat.

What does breaking bread mean slang?

Have a meal, eat. For example, It’s hard to remain enemies when you’ve broken bread together. This term occurs in numerous places in the New Testament, where it sometimes means to share bread and other times to distribute food to others.

When did they stop making Wonder Bread?

Flowers Foods Inc saved Wonder Bread after Hostess Brands went belly up. Can you believe Wonder Bread left us for almost a full year? When the bread’s parent company Hostess Brands went officially out of business in 2012, Wonder Bread ceased to line the shelves of supermarkets. Thankfully, a savior swooped in.

How long is Wonder Bread good for?

Awards category: Shelf life Wonder Bread “wins” this category, lasting 13 days without a spot of mold.

Is Wonder Bread OK to eat?

For instance, did you know that Wonder Bread has vitamin D, fiber and as much calcium as a glass of milk. A glass of milk! A new product called Wonder Smartwhite has no less than nine vitamins and minerals, including iron and folic acid.

What is the history of Wonder Bread?

Wonder Bread began appearing on Canadian grocery shelves and home delivery routes as early as 1927. A product of Northern Bakeries Limited, the bread apparently made its debut in Montreal. In 1928, Northern Bakeries Limited registered the “Wonder” trademark was registered with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office .

Where is Wonder Bread located?

Wonder Bread is produced in Mexico by Grupo Bimbo , the largest baking company in the world.

Where is Wonder Bread baked?

The Wonder Bread bakery was a Memphis icon for both sight and smell. Located at 400 Monroe Avenue, the bakery once sent the warm, inviting scent of baking bread wafting over one of Memphis’ most unique neighborhoods, The Edge.

What are Wonder Bread Products?

New products were introduced that included Wonder Melior, “a better white bread with natural wheat vitamins,” as well as Wonder Peter Pan Bread, designed to appeal to children. Wonder Bakeries also became the maker of Hollywood Bread, marketed for those “counting calories” and trying to keep their “figure.”.

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