What kind of boats are tracker ready to fish?

Over the last four decades, TRACKER has continued to combine quality, fishability and affordability in a larger offering of aluminum mod v bass boats, deep v boats, and jon boats. With a TRACKER ready-to-fish boat package, more anglers and families are able to get outdoors and make memories on the water!

What’s the history of the tracker fishing boat?

TRACKER was the first aluminum boat brand to offer a boat, motor and trailer package at a nationally advertised price. Over the last four decades, TRACKER has revolutionized the fishing and recreational boating industry by combining quality, fishability and affordability to get more anglers and families on the water.

What kind of boat is tracker Mod V panfish?

TRACKER® Mod V bass and panfish boats feature a variable hull angler that is sharper at the bow to slice through chop, but flatter aft to improve planing and stability at rest.

How long has Sun tracker been making boats?

It’s time to stop lamenting the lost moments and start making proper memories. For more than 35 years, the SUN TRACKER® team has crafted a lineup of pontoon boats designed specifically to help anglers, families and any other outdoors enthusiast bring everyone together for better experiences.


Why does White River Marine make Tracker Boats?

The addition of the lasers to TRACKER manufacturing is a significant step into the future for White River Marine Group. Parts fit more tightly together, making welding the boats easier, and more consistency means increased quality throughout the line.

How are the hulls of Tracker Boats made?

TRACKER® Mod V, Deep V and GRIZZLY® hulls are all welded—hull seams, bulkheads, stringer, transom and gunnels are joined to form one unitized system stronger than the individual parts. And they are backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

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