What size snowboard should I get for my size?

What size snowboard should I get for my size?

Snowboard Size Chart

Rider Height (in) Rider Height (cm) Snowboard Size (cm)
5’4″ 163 144 -152
5’6″ 168 149 -157
5’8″ 173 154 -162
5’10” 178 159 -167

What size snowboard should I get Burton?

Men’s Burton Snowboard Size Chart

Board Size (cm) Rider Weight (lbs)
Deep Thinker 154 120-180
Deep Thinker 157 150-200
Deep Thinker 157W 150-200
Deep Thinker 160 180-260+

What size snowboard should a 6 foot person get?


Rider Height Range of Board Length (Centimeters)
5’8″ 147 -155cm
5’10” 154- 163cm
6’0″ 157-165cm
6’1″ 160-168cm

What does the W mean in snowboard size?

waist width
This “W” indicates that the particular snowboard model is a wider version of the original with an increased waist width. These wide boards are built with more surface area to accommodate bigger feet.

What size snowboard should I get 5 7?

Snowboard Sizing Chart Based on Height

Rider Height (ft/in) Rider Height (cm) Snowboard Size (cm)
5’6″ 168cm 148-153
5’7″ 170cm 150-155
5’8″ 173cm 152-155
5’9″ 175cm 153-157

Is weight or height more important for snowboard?

Weight definitely matters far more than height – although the height myth is very prevalent. I’m short as well and my snowboard looks pretty long, but it’s actually just right for my weight. I weigh 105 and ride a 145, which is actually on the longer end of what I can ride for all-mountain.

What size boot needs a wide snowboard?

Get a Wide Snowboard. Typically, snowboard boot sizes 11.5+ will need a wide specific model which is going to have a waist width of 260mm or more. Check the chart to determine appropriate sizing for your boots. Finding a wide model can sometimes be a frustrating operation for many riders out there.

What size snowboard does a 5’9 person need?

Snowboard Sizing Chart Based on Height

Rider Height (ft/in) Rider Height (cm) Snowboard Size (cm)
5’7″ 170cm 150-155
5’8″ 173cm 152-155
5’9″ 175cm 153-157
5’10” 178cm 154-159

Should a snowboard be up to your chin?

When the snowboard is standing on end, its tip should rest between your chin and nose. You may have heard a general rule of thumb to follow is to pick a snowboard that’s long enough so that when you stand it on end, the tip reaches somewhere between your nose and chin.

Is it bad to get a wide snowboard?

Width of a snowboard is critical in that it prevents toe and heel drag when leaning the board over in to a turn. Too narrow width for your boot size, and your toes/heels could drag and cause a bobble or fall. Too wide width and the board will not react quickly and will feel sluggish and awkward to turn.

Do I need a wide snowboard size 10?

Unfortunately some companies will exaggerate what is a wide, mid-wide or normal width snowboard. This is where the majority of board sizes sit. Guys with US boot size 8-10 should avoid wider boards. Also Women with size 10 boots can also ride these boards.

What is the formula for snowboard board size?

The formula is as follows: Your Height (in inches) X 2.54 X 0.88 = Your Recommended Board Length. While this formula may seem like the absolute answer because it involves numbers, math and a bit of homework, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the number you get as a result.

How did people choose their snowboard board lengths?

When snowboarding was new on the scene, people would pick their board lengths by standing boards on their tails to see how tall they were in relation to themselves. If the nose of the board reached somewhere between their chin and nose, then it was deemed the right size.

How tall do you have to be to buy a snowboard?

Taller women, particularly those with a boot size of 9 or higher, may find it useful to look at some boards in the men’s category. While kids grow fast, parents should avoid buying an adult board, hoping your child will grow into it. An oversized board can be unmanageable for a child and slow their skill development.

What kind of snowboard do I need to ride on soft snow?

If you plan to ride fast on groomed runs, then a cambered board is a good choice. But for riding soft snow you’ll probably want a flat, rocker, camber/rocker or flat/rocker board. Snowboard width: With the right width board, your boots will extend just slightly over the edges of the board.

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