What station is Family Life Network on?

What station is Family Life Network on?

The Family Life Network is a Christian radio network simulcasting via FM stations across Western and Central New York, as well as northern Pennsylvania from flagship station WCIK….Family Life Network.

Branding Family Life
Owner Family Life Ministries, Inc.
Website http://www.familylife.org/

What channel is Family Life Radio on XM?

FamilyTalk. Family Talk is a Christian focused talk radio channel on the Sirius XM Radio service Sirius channel 161 and XM channel 131 (previously 170).

What are some good radio station numbers?

Top 10 U.S. Radio Stations

  • WLTW-FM 106.7 Lite fm – New York – 5,013,600.
  • WHTZ-FM Z100 – New York – 4,388,300.
  • WKTU-FM 103.5 – New York – 4,136,500.
  • KIIS-FM 102.7 – Los Angeles – 4,117,600.
  • KBIG-FM 104.3 MYFM – Los Angeles – 4,057,200.
  • KOST-FM 103.5 – Los Angeles – 3,661,600.
  • WCBS-FM 101.1 – New York – 3,591,800.

What happened to Kankelfritz on Klove?

EMF Vice President of Radio Randy Chase confirmed Kankelfritz left K-LOVE in early November, according to Christian Music Broadcasters. A Friday press release from Family Life Radio said Kankelfritz will be filling the role of program director and afternoon on-air host for FLR based in Tucson, Ariz.

What is a family life?

Family life is defined as the routine interactions and activities that a family have together. When members of a family enjoy each other’s company and spend a lot of time doing things together, this is an example of a good family life. noun.

What is the number one radio station?

Despite Fordham’s loss in the latest survey, 2GB remains the top station in Sydney with an overall audience share of 11.8 per cent compared to KIIS 106.5’s 10.6 per cent.

Are Skip and Amy still on K-LOVE?

K-LOVE airs “The Skip & Amy Show” from 5 a.m.-10 a.m. on Monday-Saturday. Iowa native Amy Baumann has been part of the K-LOVE morning show since 2011. Skip Mahaffey joined K-LOVE in 2016, after being part of the morning show at country station KPLX in Dallas.

Is Skip leaving K-LOVE?

Skip: Yes. I am deeply humbled and honored to be part of this K-LOVE ministry. I hope I don’t let anyone down.


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