What teams did Rob Burrows play for?

What teams did Rob Burrows play for?

Source: Robert Geoffrey Burrow MBE (born 26 September 1982) is an English former professional rugby league footballer, who spent 16 years playing for the Leeds Rhinos in the Super League, before retiring in 2017. An England and Great Britain representative, he spent his entire professional career with Leeds.

Where did Rob Burrow go to school?

Airedale High School
Strong community and social services professional graduated from Airedale High School.

Where was Rob Burrow born?

Pontefract, United Kingdom
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What age is Rob Burrows?

38 years (September 26, 1982)
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What disease does Rob Burrow have?

The 38-year-old, who won eight Grand Finals and 20 international caps during a long and memorable career, has a ravaging form of motor neurone disease. He and his wife, Lindsey, who has been with him since they started going out at the age of 15, received the shattering diagnosis in December 2019.

What rugby player has motor neurone disease?

Kevin Sinfield’s ‘7 in 7 Challenge’ raised £2.2m for the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association after he was inspired by Leeds Rhinos team-mate Rob Burrow, who is living with the disease.

How do I contact Rob Burrow?

Rob Burrow’s Email

  1. @hotmail.com.
  2. @therhinos.co.uk.

How long does Rob Burrow have to live?

Rob was given just one to two years to live in December 2019. The degenerative condition attacks nerves in the brain and spinal cord.

How old is doddie?

51 years (July 4, 1970)
Doddie Weir/Age

Why do so many sportsmen get MND?

Researchers have hypothesized that vigorous physical activity might increase exposure to environmental toxins, facilitate the transport of toxins to the brain, increase the absorption of toxins, or increase the athlete””s susceptibility to motor neuron disease through added physical stress.

How does Rob Burrow communicate?

The 38-year-old was diagnosed in December 2019 and is now confined to a wheelchair, able to communicate only through an eye-driven communication device and cared for full-time by his wife Lindsey.

How long do you live with motor neurone disease?

Life expectancy after diagnosis is one to five years, with 10 per cent of people with MND living 10 years or more. The needs of people with MND are complex and vary from person to person.

When was Rob Burrow’s last match for Leeds?

His last match was the 2017 Super League Grand Final in which he helped his club, Leeds to victory over the Castleford Tigers at Old Trafford. Rob Burrow became the sixteenth inductee to the Leeds Rhinos Hall of Fame in 2020.

How tall is Rob Burrow of Leeds United?

An England and Great Britain representative, he spent his entire professional career with Leeds. At 165 cm (5 ft 5 in) tall and weighing less than 11 st (70 kg; 150 lb), Burrow was known for many years as “the smallest player in Super League”.

What kind of disease does Rob Burrow have?

On 19 December 2019, it was publicly revealed Burrow had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND). On 30 December 2020, Rob was appointed MBE in the 2021 New Year Honours for his services to Rugby League and the Motor Neurone Disease community. On 16 March 2021, Rob was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Leeds Beckett University.

When did Rob Burrow play in the Challenge Cup?

Burrow played in the 2014 Challenge Cup Final victory over the Castleford Tigers at Wembley Stadium. He played in the 2015 Challenge Cup Final victory over Hull Kingston Rovers at Wembley Stadium.

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