Whats the true story behind Rugrats?

The Rugrats really were a figment of Angelica’s imagination. Chuckie died a long time ago along with his mother; that’s why Chaz is a nervous wreck all the time. Tommy was a stillborn; that’s why Stu is constantly in the basement making toys for the son who never had a chance to live. The DeVilles had an abortion.

Why is Angelica so mean in Rugrats?

The reason Angelica is so mean to the babies is because she thinks just because she’s older she has the right to pick on them but doesn’t want to show her parents that because of her fear of them (or any other adults) finding out how cruel she was to the poor babies that she would either be grounded for a long time or …

Why is Rugrats so bad?

The negative influence of the characters and the story lines displayed on Rugrats are harmful to a young child’s behavior and development. Rugrats constantly shows the babies disobeying their parents. The characters seem to have no regard for their parent’s rules. problems with sharing and including other children.

Are the Twins in Rugrats related to Tommy?

Phillip Richard William DeVille and Lillian Marie Jill DeVille (both voiced by Kath Soucie) are the children of Howard and Betty DeVille. They live next door to Tommy and are fraternal twins, with Lil older than Phil by two minutes.

How did Chuckie’s mother died?

At the end of the episode, Chuckie’s mother is revealed to have died of a terminal illness. It concludes with Chuckie and Chas looking through a box of her belongings, including a poem she had written for her son. Before “Mother’s Day” premiered, only minor references to Chuckie’s mother had been made.

What bad word did Angelica?

Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil come over to tell Angelica how sorry they feel for her, and they wonder what that bad word meant; but all a sniffling Angelica can answer is “All my Daddy would tell me is that it makes some peoples feel bad, and I’m not apposed to say it.

How much older is Angelica than Tommy?

Angelica is always referring to the babies as “just babies” and to herself as an adult, despite being only a year older than Chuckie and Kimi, two years older than Tommy and the twins, and only three years older than Dil–in fact, Dil’s the only Rugrat who’s technically “just a baby,” as all the others are technically …

How much older is Chuckie than Tommy?

Chuckie is the scaredy cat of the gang always depending on Tommy his best friend to save him. As stated in season 4, episode 12 that Chuckie is exactly 13 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days older than Tommy.

Does Angelica like Chuckie?

Chuckie and Angelica are pretty close friends despite her always teasing him and the others. Angelica tried to help him when he liked one of her friends, and to make him popular, but when everyone started liking the new fake Chuckie more than her, he felt bad and gave it all up for her.

Who does Chuckie’s dad marry?

Kira Finster
Charles Norbert “Chas” Finster, Sr. (born April 26, 1957) is the father to Chuckie, to whom he passed his adenoidal whine, and husband to Kira Finster. He met, fell in love with, and married Kira in the second Rugrats movie, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie.

Was Tommy Pickles a preemie?

Tommy was probably born premature, as he is seen in an incubator in the episode “Mother’s Day”. Tommy, up until Dil was born, was the smallest and youngest main character of Rugrats at the age of 1, being a couple months younger than Phil and Lil who are also 1.

What was the bleeped word in Arthur?

So D.W. is accompanying her Grandma Thora in some glassware shop when she overhears a mother and her teenage son talking. The mom gets mad at her son for “backtalking” and grounds him from going to a concert. He gets mad and says, “(Bleep)!” The mom is so surprised that she drops the glass cup she was holding.

Is there really a fan theory for Rugrats?

I’m sorry to say, Rugrats fans, but the Internet has stumbled upon a Rugrats theory that will shatter your world.

Are there any real kids in the Rugrats?

THE RUGRATS THEORY. It turns out that there’s a huge story that’s been going around about the real kids behind the Rugrats. Or actually, the story says only one child, Angelica, is real and the other kids are figments of her tormented imagination.

Where did the song Wires by athlete come from?

Thank you Athlete. Sue from London, United Kingdom 10 days before christmas I gave birth to a son, 2 months early. I saw christmas lights reflected in his eyes. He had wires coming in and out of his skin, he had dried blood on his wrist. My tears were afraid of the facts. There was hope in a plastic box.

Is the Rugrats song based on a true story?

Rugrats Theory Song Is A Glimpse Into Angelica’s Twisted Mind. If you’re subscribed to the stories on this blog you probably remember the disturbing but interesting story of The Rugrats Theory. Basically the theory said that the cartoon Rugrats was based on the true story of a girl named Angelica.

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