When did the AusVELS curriculum end in Victoria?

When did the AusVELS curriculum end in Victoria?

AusVELS website closed. AusVELS was the Foundation to Year 10 curriculum (2013-2016) for Victorian government and Catholic schools, and from 1 January 2017 has been replaced by the Victorian Curriculum F-10 as the mandated curriculum for all Victorian government and Catholic schools.

Where can I find the AusVELS curriculum online?

Please refer to the original sources for full curriculum details and resource materials in their accurate and intended form: AusVELS (http://ausvels.vcaa.vic.edu.au/) and the VCAA (http://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au). KEY COMPONENTS OF AUSVELS Content descriptions:

What is the curriculum for Level 5 and 6?

In Levels 5 and 6, the curriculum focus is on recognising questions that can be investigated scientifically and undertaking investigations. Students explore how changes can be classified in different ways.

How many levels are there in the Vels?

Like the Curriculum and Standards Framework (CSF) and the CSF II, the VELS has six levels, with a general expectation that each level be completed in two years of schooling, with the exception of Level 1, completed in the first year of Primary schooling, known as “Prep”, as follows:

How does national numeracy learning progression help teachers?

The National Numeracy Learning Progression helps teachers to develop fine-grain understandings of student numeracy development in the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, especially in the early years. It is particularly useful in guiding teachers to support students whose numeracy development is above or below the age-equivalent

How are the AusVELS linked to the mathematics online interview?

The following table links tasks from the Mathematics Online Interview to the Points of Growth (PoG), the Early Numeracy Research Project (ENRP) Growth Points (GP) and  the achievement standard, content description and levels Foundation to 5 of the AusVELS: Mathematics where applicable.

What does numeracy mean in the Australian Curriculum?

In the Australian Curriculum, students become numerate as they develop the knowledge and skills to use mathematics confidently across learning areas at school and in their lives more broadly. The Australian Curriculum states:

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