Where are the headquarters of Trelleborg AB located?

Where are the headquarters of Trelleborg AB located?

Trelleborg AB Headquarters, in Trelleborg, Sweden. Trelleborg AB is a global engineering group focused on polymer technology, with headquarters in Trelleborg, Sweden, with approximately 24,000 employees (2018), and with yearly revenue of 34 billion SEK.

What does Trelleborg do for the automotive industry?

To meet your needs, Trelleborg works closely with many automotive manufacturers worldwide, developing new solutions to let their cars and trucks run as quietly, comfortably and safely as possible. Are you looking for this? You want to improve vehicle performance and enhance driving experiences, while maximizing production efficiency.

Who are the clients of Trelleborg Slovenija?

We are a flexible niche manufacturer and a development partner for key clients worldwide. Various industrial technical products made by Trelleborg Slovenija significantly contribute to better solutions in many industries, such as construction, automotive, home appliances and food industry, agriculture, renewable energy industry, etc.

Who are the owners of Trelleborg Rubber Company?

^ All of the Series A shares are owned by the Dunker Funds and Foundations, which were created through testamentary disposition by the founder of the Helsingborg and Trelleborg rubber-production plants, Henry Dunker. Since April 26, 2018, Hans Biörck has been Chairman of Trelleborg AB.

Which is the best place to eat in Trelleborg?

“Perfect size on the rolls and the rice is always fresh.” “This place always serves fresh and good tasting sushi.” 7. Pizzeria Victoria 8. Slattarps Gard Restaurang “Bad service!” 9. Tusen & 2 Restaurang & Bar “Great burgers!” “Really good burger!” 10. Casa Blanca “… three areas, front, back and terrace.”

How to get in touch with Trelleborg offshore?

If you would like to get in touch with us you can email [email protected], complete the short form above, or contact one of our locations around the world.

Who is the chairman of the Board of Trelleborg?

Since April 26, 2018, Hans Biörck has been Chairman of Trelleborg AB. The following table lists the chairmen in chronological order since the company was founded.

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