Where can I buy a Sekonda watch online?

The first obvious choice to see the wide variety of timepieces that the brand has to offer is to visit the Sekonda online shop. Since Sekonda is a global watch brand, its timepieces are available on Walmart, and Amazon and new and pre-owned Sekondo watches can be found on eBay. There is also a wide selection of Sekonda watches on WatchShop.

Where was the first Sekonda quartz watch made?

As mentioned in the previous section, the first Sekonda watches were developed and produced in Russia. However, with the introduction of quartz movement in the watch industry, Sekonda started manufacturing its own watches from Hong Kong. Despite this significant change, Sekonda assures that its products are still of excellent quality.

What’s the slogan of the Sekonda watch brand?

“Beware of expensive imitations” is this brand’s slogan. I had to read it a couple of times until I realized how ironic this statement is. While most brands have cheaper knockoffs, Sekonda watches are so affordable that their imitations can’t really compete.

Why did Sekonda move their manufacturing to Hong Kong?

When the quartz movement was later introduced, Sekonda took it as an opportunity to move its manufacturing process to Hong Kong. Therein, it was able to develop more stylish watch designs.

Why did the Sekonda watch brand die out?

Undoubtedly, Sekonda has done an amazing job branding itself as an affordable watch company. While others died out in the aftermath of the quartz crisis, Sekonda saw it as an opportunity to create cheaper yet still reliable timepieces.

Where did Sekonda get their watches from in the USSR?

These watches were to be sourced from the USSR and distributed in the UK under the brand name “Sekonda”. NIIChasProm was the organizational body that coordinated the supply of Sekonda products from the various different Soviet watch factories, among them:

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