Where can I find information about UTMB health?

Where can I find information about UTMB health?

Visit the public homepage of UTMB Health for university news and information. www.utmb.edu. iUTMB Intranet Access to information and resources for employees and students. Requires users to be on the UTMB network or to log in via UTMB’s VPN. intranet.utmb.edu/iutmb.

How do I log in to my UTMB account?

Log in with your UTMB credentials and click on the “Sign In” button. Process the second authentication factor using the Duo application. See the Duo page for details. A dialogue box will appear on your PC.

Who is the first trainee at UTMB TL1?

DNP student Ashley Salazar is the SON’s first trainee accepted to the UTMB Institute for Translational Sciences’ TL1 Training Program. Read about her motivation and plans for this outstanding opportunity. We appreciate her commitment to nursing science! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Which is the official student system of UTMB?

mySTAR is the portal to the official student system of UTMB – Campus Solutions – where all applicant, student and alumni data is maintained.

What does UTMB stand for in racing category?

Home pageUTMB®LiveUTMB®TVUTMB®MAG UTMB®Mont-Blanc : Event ; Agenda ; Le tour du Mont-Blanc ; Follow the races ; Accommodation ; Devenez bénévole ; Races : UTMB® ; CCC® ; TDS® ; OCC ; PTL® ; MCC ; YCC ; Mini UTMB® ; Results ;

Is the PTL an event of the UTMB?

The PTL® (Petite Trotte à Léon) is one of the events on offer within the framework of the UTMB®. Its conception is original and it… 180 000 photos taken by the Flash-sport team throughout your race are now online and classified individually….

Who is the leader of the UTMB race?

The beautiful breakaway of Luis Alberto HERNANDO ALZAGA leader of the race after 8h25 of effort! The mythic race of UTMB® will start in 30 minutes in Chamonix, Triangle de l’Amitié Square ! Arrival of the first woman Ragna DEBATS at the col de la forclaz!

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