Where does Brindabella Airlines fly to in Australia?

Where does Brindabella Airlines fly to in Australia?

Brindabella Airlines flights Brindabella Airlines is a small regional carrier based in the capital city of Canberra and operates over 150 flights each week to airports in Brisbane in Queensland, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie and Newcastle in New South Wales and Albury on the NSW/Victoria border.

How long does it take to get to blue water holes?

For those that want to also have a 4WD adventure, you can go off-road for approximately 100km to get to the Blue Water holes. It involves going via Canberra down Brindabella Road. From memory I’ve sketched my trip on the 4WD map on the maps tab. So I’m not sure if it’s 100% accurate. Some routes are closed off.

When did Brindabella Airlines go out of business?

Unfortunately,Brindabella Airlines ceased flying operations in 2013. Make a Brindabella Airlinesreservation and find some amazing deals with discounted Brindabella Airlinestickets at Alternative Airlines. Brindabella Airlinesflies to many destinations offering a cost effective and safe service to all its passengers.

Where to find the Blue waterholes fire trail?

Drive along the Snowy Mountain Highway until you reach Long Plain Road (about 73km’s from Tumut). Long Plain road is unsealed and is best suited for a 4wd. It’s about a 15-20km drive along Long Plain road. Then you’ll see a sign pointing to the Blue Waterholes campground. It’s about another 3-5km’s along this fire trail.

Which is the only regional airline in Australia?

A regional airline based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Operates scheduled services to regional airports in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory as well as Toowoomba to Melbourne. Also has an international service to Timor Leste. Owns and operates a fleet of Fokker aircraft…

What was the name of the defunct airline in Australia?

This is a list of defunct airlines of Australia. Formed by the Adelaide Steamship Company. Merged with the Orient Steam Navigation Company and the Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand Limited in 1936 to form Australian National Airways (ANA)

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