Where is the Barkly Tableland?

Barkly Tableland, region of Australia, south of the Gulf of Carpentaria and extending southeastward about 350 miles (560 km) from Newcastle Creek, Northern Territory, to Camooweal, Queen.

Is Barkly Tableland a plateau?

The Barkly Tableland is a distinct physiographic province of the larger West Australian Shield division. It includes the Mueller Plateau and Sandover-Pituri Platform physiographic sections between the desert uplands in the west and Mount Isa, Queensland in the east.

Is the Barkly Highway sealed?

The Barkly Highway is a national highway of both Queensland and the Northern Territory in Australia. It is the only sealed road between Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Who owns Brunette Downs Station?

Australian Agricultural Company
Covering 12,212 sq. km of the Barkly Tableland, in the Northern Territory, Brunette Downs is one of Australia’s largest cattle stations and bigger than some countries. It’s one of several Barkly properties owned by the Brisbane-based beef-producing Australian Agricultural Company (AAco), which controls 77,000 sq.

Where is Barkly Downs Station?

Eighty kilometres south of Camooweal, Qld, and close to the Qld/NT border, lies Barkly Downs Station, a ten thousand square kilometre (just under a million hectares) stretch of amazing country; unique to the Barkly Tableland, which in turn stretches west from the station for some five hundred kilometres before merging …

Is the Great Artesian Basin a plateau?

Great Artesian Basin, c. 670,000 sq mi (1,735,300 sq km), between the Eastern Highlands and the Western Plateau, E central Australia, extending S from the Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland, to NE South Australia and N New South Wales. It is the world’s largest artesian water-bearing area.

Is the road from Alice Springs to Mt Isa sealed?

Travelling from Queensland Driving west from Queensland, the most easily accessible route is the fully sealed Barkly Highway from Mt Isa.

Is Ranken road sealed?

The Ranken Road is a sealed and an unsealed road in the Northern Territory. For cyclists and those towing caravans, boats or heavy loads the Ranken Road is a fairly flat road with the steepest gradient/incline along its length being only about 4% (highlight point | zoom to point).

How many acres is Brunette Downs?

3 million acre
Brunette is a 3 million acre property located 4hrs north east of Tennant Creek on the Barkly Tablelands, Northern Territory. We are looking for someone who has a positive can do attitude with attention to detail and enjoys working outdoors in warmer temperatures.

Which is the largest river of Australia?

River Murray
The calculations confirmed that Australia’s longest single river is the River Murray at 2508 kilometres….Longest continuous river system.

River Murray (downstream from the Darling River junction) New South Wales/Victoria/South Australia 828

What is the largest plateau in Australia?

Western Plateau
The Western Plateau (sometimes referred to as the Australian Shield), is Australia’s largest drainage division and is composed predominantly of the remains of the ancient rock shield of Gondwana.

Can you drive from Alice Springs to Uluru?

The drive between Alice Springs and Uluru is an absolute must-do, taking travellers through the heart of the country. And it’s not a long one, either – the one-way trip from Alice Springs to Uluru is just 450km/5.5 hours on fully-sealed roads.

Where is the Barkly tableland located in Australia?

Region in the Northern Territory, Australia. The Barkly Tableland is a rolling plain of grassland in Australia. It runs from the eastern part of the Northern Territory into western Queensland.

Where is the Barkly Homestead in Northern Territory?

The Barkly Homestead is a remote roadhouse situated on the Barkly Highway, half- way between Tennant creek in the Northern Territory and Camooweal… Connells Lagoon Conservation Reserve, situated in the heart of the Barkly Tablelands, is a haven for native wildlife, and is the only reserve in…

Where are the cattle stations on Barkly Tableland?

Some of the very large cattle stations located on the Tableland include Alexandria Station, Alroy Downs, Anthony Lagoon, Austral Downs, Avon Downs, Banka Banka, Brunette Downs, Creswell Downs, Eva Downs, Helen Springs, Newcastle Waters and Lake Nash Station.

What kind of weather does Barkly Tableland have?

Rainfall in this inland area is low (350mm pa) and subject to extreme seasonal fluctuations with rains occurring from November to March during the hot (up to 40 °C) summer. Winters are cool and frost may occur, especially in the southern section of the plain in Queensland.

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