Which is faster MongoDB or PostgreSQL?

Which is faster MongoDB or PostgreSQL?

The Postgres database management system (DBMS) measured between 4 and 15 times faster than MongoDB in transaction performance testing.

Is SQLite faster than MongoDB?

Mongo is the most widely known of all NoSQL databases, and an integral part of the JS-heavy MEAN stack. It’s popular with enterprise operations, particularly those with extremely high data requirements….

MongoDB SQLite
Speed Pretty fast Very fast

Is MongoDB slower than Postgres?

For the OLTP test, the industry standard sysbench benchmark was used to show Postgres performing three times faster than MongoDB on average. Throughout the testing measuring performance on various workloads, Postgres consistently delivered higher performance than MongoDB.

Is MongoDB faster?

MongoDB speed debate, MongoDB usually comes out as the winner. MongoDB can accept large amounts of unstructured data much faster than MySQL thanks to slave replication and master replication. Depending on the types of data that you collect, you may benefit significantly from this feature.

Which is the best NoSQL database, MongoDB or CouchDB?

In this light, here is a comparison of Open Source NOSQL databases Cassandra , Mongodb , CouchDB , Redis , Riak , RethinkDB , Couchbase (ex-Membase) , Hypertable , ElasticSearch , Accumulo , VoltDB , Kyoto Tycoon , Scalaris , OrientDB , Aerospike , Neo4j and HBase : but complex operations like ZREVRANGEBYSCORE. GEO API to query by radius (!)

How to test the performance of a query in MongoDB?

Use hint () to support performance testing, or on some queries where you must select a field or field included in several indexes. Use MongoDB’s $inc operator to increment or decrement values in documents.

How does the$ Inc operator work in MongoDB?

Use MongoDB’s $inc operator to increment or decrement values in documents. The operator increments the value of the field on the server side, as an alternative to selecting a document, making simple modifications in the client and then writing the entire document to the server.

Which is better Memcache or MongoDB for gaming?

Main point: Memcache compatible, but with persistence and clustering Best used: Any application where low-latency data access, high concurrency support and high availability is a requirement. For example: Low-latency use-cases like ad targeting or highly-concurrent web apps like online gaming (e.g. Zynga).

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