Which is the best movie poster of all time?

But when comparing the two designs side by side, our eyes automatically go to the 1968 version. The bright colors create motion, Vivian Leigh is far more provocative, and the tiny paintings at the bottom show that the film has action as well as romance.

Why was the e.t.movie poster chosen?

There are two well-known versions of the E.T. movie poster—this one and the other depicting the famous shot of the bike flying in front of the moon. We chose this version, not only because it’s the original movie poster, but because the idea came from Steven Spielberg himself.

Why did they redone the redone movie poster?

The design legend said of the redone version, “The convention is when anyone steals something, they call it an homage.” Let’s face it—sex sells. But designers often take it overboard, thinking that a bunch of scantily clad models or tacky innuendos will grab the audience’s attention.

What does the bottom of the movie poster mean?

Instead, the tiny title at the bottom leaves an unsettling blank space above Mia Farrow’s head—implying that something unseen exists in that space. The juxtaposition between giant, ghostly Mia Farrow and the tiny shadow of the baby carriage further carries that uneasy feeling.

How many movie posters are there on cinematerial?

CineMaterial is a digital community that aims to create a complete digital archive of movie posters, covers, logo’s, key art and more. So far, we have collected over one million images.

Are there any surviving art deco movie posters?

Only four surviving originals are known to exist, one of which was reportedly valued at over $1 million in 2012. Not only is it an art deco masterpiece, the poster blends the style of the ’20s with a taste of what’s to come in the future.

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