Who are the major employers in Houston Texas?

Top 10 Houston Area Employers

  • Walmart. 37,000 employees.
  • Memorial Hermann Health System. 24,108 employees.
  • H-E-B. 23,732 employees.
  • The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. 21,086 employees.
  • McDonald’s Corp. 20,918 employees.
  • Houston Methodist. 20,000 employees.
  • Kroger. 16,000 employees.
  • United Airlines. 14,941 employees.

Who is the biggest employer in Houston?

The biggest employer in Houston is Walmart, which has 34,000 employees in the local area, followed by San Antonio-based H-E-B with nearly 27,000 local employees and Memorial Hermann Health System with 26,000.

Which companies have headquarters in Houston?

In addition to the Fortune 500 companies above, many other companies in multiple fields are headquartered or have based their US headquarters in Houston.

  • Academy Sports + Outdoors.
  • Air Liquide US Headquarters.
  • Allis-Chalmers Energy.
  • Allpoint.
  • Al’s Formal Wear.
  • Amegy Bank.
  • American Bureau of Shipping.

What are the 3 main industries in Houston?

From energy and life sciences to manufacturing and aerospace, the Houston region offers a dynamic infrastructure to support these thriving, core industries.

  • Aerospace & Aviation. Houston is home to 20 Forbes Global 2000 headquarters.
  • Energy. 44 out of 113.
  • Life Sciences & Biotechnology.
  • Headquarters.
  • Digital Technology.

Who is the largest employer in Texas?

University of Texas At Austin
State Profile: Largest Employers

# Employer Number of Employees
1 University of Texas At Austin 21,000
2 MD Anderson Cancer Ctr 20,000
3 MD Anderson 20,000

What is the main industry in Houston Texas?

The economy of Houston is based primarily on the energy industry, particularly oil. However, health care, biomedical research, and aerospace also constitute large sectors.

What industries are growing in Houston?

Among the fastest-growing and most lucrative industries in Houston are energy businesses, medical facilities, technology, and business and financial investments.

Does Houston have a good economy?

The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates Houston metro’s GDP at $490 billion in 2017, ranking it the 7th among the top 50 metropolitan areas in the country. It accounts for almost 29 percent of the state’s GDP. The overall economy in Texas has grown 5.8%, faster than the nation (4.3%) and the Houston metro area.

What are the highest paying jobs in Houston TX?

After scrounging through the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we discovered that Anesthesiologists are the highest paid people in Houston. Here’s a quick look at the top ten highest paying jobs in Houston: Anesthesiologists. Chief Executives. Surgeons. Family and General Practitioners. Architectural and Engineering Managers. Pediatricians, General.

What companies hire felons in Houston TX?

Blue chip companies such as AT, Dell, Fed Ex, Kraft, Sprint, Verizon, United Airlines and Greyhound all have major call center and telemarketing operations and are known to hire felons.

What are the major employers in Austin Texas?

Austin’s largest employers include the Austin Independent School District, the City of Austin, Dell, the U.S. Federal Government, NXP Semiconductors, IBM, St. David’s Healthcare Partnership, Seton Family of Hospitals , the State of Texas, the Texas State University, and the University of Texas at Austin.

What are the largest employers in California?

In California, the University of California is the largest employer, with more than 198,300 employees, according to the financial news and opinion site 24/7 Wall St. Scroll over other states below to see what their largest employers are, as well as how many people are employed there.

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