Who does Song Sam-Dong end up with in Dream High?

Who does Song Sam-Dong end up with in Dream High?

Let’s just focus on the couples or potential couples here, so there are some that never ended up with someone but got a happy ending in other ways. Song Sam-Dong and Ko Hye-Mi is that one couple that does not get any “on screen actual couple scene”.

What happened to Baek Hee Dream High?

Baek-hee is Hye-mi’s best friend and sidekick at their old school. but she is betrayed by Hye-mi during the Kirin School audition. She is devastated by the betrayal and becomes Hye-mi’s biggest rival.

How old was Suzy in Dream High?

Her acting debut in Dream High earned her awards In 2011, at just 16, Suzy was bagging accolades for her role.

Is there a Dream High 3?

Although its predecessor was a hit among the audience, the sequel opened to low ratings, averaging single-digit figures. Therefore, chances of a renewal is not very high. Moreover, it has almost been seven years since the second installment’s finale. So, ‘Dream High’ season 3 looks unlikely.

Who are the couples in Dream High?

When Jingook was caught up in an assault case, deafened Samdong entered a singing test and scored perfectly to encourage him. The friendship these two friends share is enough to make anyone wish they had a friend like Jingook and Samdong. These two make the most charismatic couple.

Does Sam-Dong go deaf?

Next, we get a major shocker–Samdong’s head trauma from the accident has nothing to do with his current hearing loss! He has a genetic disease, so Hyemi is in no way responsible for his problem.

Who is the antagonist in Dream High?

Baek Hee
Baek Hee becomes the antagonist while Hye Mi, the protagonist.

Who is the leading man in Dream High?

Song Sam-Dong (Kim Soo-Hyun) lives in the country side and dreams of becoming an owner of a stock farm. He falls in love with Ko Hye-Mi (Bae Suji) at first sight and follows her to Kirin High School of Art.

Who is the female lead in Dream High?

Dream High (Korean: 드림하이; RR: Deurimhai; MR: Tŭrimhai) is a 2011 South Korean television series starring miss A’s Bae Suzy, Kim Soo-hyun, 2PM’s Ok Taec-yeon, T-ara’s Ham Eun-jung, 2PM’s Jang Woo-young and IU. It aired on KBS2 from January 3 to February 28, 2011, on Mondays and Tuesdays at 22:00 (KST) for 16 episodes.

Who is the couple in Dream High?

Does Sam-Dong lose his hearing in Dream High?

Hyemi finally finds out about Samdong’s hearing loss in a devastating tear-jerker of a scene where he admits to her what he’s been reduced to. They both collapse into bundles of tears. Samdong does come back to school and he decides to perform in the big end-of-the-year showcase after all.

Who is the MC of Dream High?

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