Who is Achala?

Achala is one of a group of wrathful deities (krodha vighnantaka) who enable practitioners to overcome obstacles; he may be invoked to eliminate both “inner” (e.g., negative mental tendencies) and “outer” (e.g., enemies) hindrances.

Is Achala Sachdev alive?

Deceased (1920–2012)
Achala Sachdev/Living or Deceased

How did Achala Sachdev died?

Actress Achala Sachdev, the quintessential mother of Bollywood, died in a hospital here on Monday due to respiratory failure. She was 91. Following a brain infarction, she was being treated at the Poona Hospital and Research Centre (PHRC) where she was bed-ridden for the last seven months, hospital authorities said.

How old is Balraj?

59 years (1913–1973)
Balraj Sahni/Age at death

What is the age of Lalita Pawar?

81 years (1916–1998)
Lalita Pawar/Age at death

At what age Dev Anand died?

88 years (1923–2011)
Dev Anand/Age at death

Dev Anand, a dashing, charismatic Bollywood star, producer and director who was known in his heyday for his striking good looks, died on Saturday in London. He was 88.

How old is parikshit?

77 years (1 January 1944)
Parikshit Sahni/Age

How Lalita Pawar lost her eyes?

In 1942, as a part of a scene in the movie Jung-E-Azadi, actor Master Bhagwan was to slap her hard. Being a new actor, he accidentally slapped her very hard, which resulted in facial paralysis and a burst left eye vein.

At what age Meena Kumari died?

38 years (1933–1972)
Meena Kumari/Age at death
She went into coma two days later and died shortly afterwards on 31 March 1972. She was 38 years old. The cause of her death was determined to be liver cirrhosis.

Was Dev Anand smoker?

Dev Anand could be immoral, unscrupulous, hop bars, smoke and still be a ‘hero’. This hero was city-bred, confident, immoral, sometimes even unscrupulous and all with an impeccable chic style. He smoked, befriended bar-girls and criminals and was pretty much footloose and fancy-free.

Who did Dev Anand marry?

Kalpana Kartikm. 1954–2011
Dev Anand/Spouse

Who is the son of Parikshit Sahni?

Varn Sahni
Parikshit Sahni/Sons

Who is Achala Sachdev and what did she do?

Achala Sachdev (3 May 1920 – 30 April 2012) was an Indian film actress who appeared in classic films of Bollywood. She was from Peshawar who started her career as a child actor. She later became known for mother and grandmother roles in Hindi films.

How did Peter Peters and Achala Sachdev meet?

In an almost filmy turn, Sachdev was introduced to Peters by Yash Chopra on the sets of a film in Mumbai. Peter’s first wife had died by then and Sachdev herself was a divorcee.

Which is the first Hindi film of Achala Sachdev?

Achala Sachdev was born on 3 May 1920 in Peshawar . Achala worked for All India Radio, Lahore before the partition of India, and then at Delhi All India Radio. Achala made her film debut with Fashionable Wife (1938), and acted in over 130 Hindi films.

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