Who is the DCP crime Branch Mumbai?

Who is the DCP crime Branch Mumbai?

DCP Crime Branch Ashok Chand.

What do crime branch do?

The Crime Branch is primarily and chiefly concerned with matters pertaining to crime, investigation, prosecution and collection of criminal intelligence, whereas, the State Special Branch is primarily concerned with the collection, collation and dissemination of intelligence on and about various political, communal.

How can I report cyber crime in Mumbai?

If any adverse remark or malicious comment found against the State which might result in Law & Order problem, Cyber Police Station, Mumbai send request to the Computer Emergency Response Team, India (CERT-IN) through the Nodal Officer (Joint Commissioner of Police, Crime, Mumbai) (under section 69 A IT Act) or send …

Who is Mumbai ACP?

Avinash Dharmadikari – A.C.P. Mumbai Police – State Government | LinkedIn.

What is the salary of a SP?

The basic salary of an IPS officer starts at Rs. 56,100(TA, DA and HRA are extra) per month and can go on to reach Rs. 2,25,000 for a DGP.

Is DGP higher than commissioner?

All the States have a Director General of Police (DGP). Commissioner of Police is not a rank, but it is a posting. The senior-most police officer in a commissionerate is the Commissioner of Police. Director-General of Police is not a posting but the Highest Rank in the State Police Hierarchy.

Who is more powerful CBI or CID?

Though both CID and CBI are intelligence and investigation agencies, operating at state and central level respectively, CBI has an upper hand over CID, for the investigation of grave and complicated cases, especially the ones involving powerful people, such as Ministers, Politicians, Celebrities, Cricketers, or any …

Is CID in real life?

The Crime Investigation Department (CID) is the investigation and intelligence wing of the Indian Police. It was created by the British Government in 1902, based on the recommendations of the Police Commission.

What are the Top 5 cyber crimes?

5 most common types of cybercrimes:

  • Phishing scams:
  • Internet fraud:
  • Online intellectual property infringements:
  • Identity theft:
  • Online harassment and cyberstalking:

Can I file FIR online?

An e-FIR can be filed only for cognizable offences. If such a case or scenario exists, the police can even make the arrest without the need of a court order. It may be noted that in case of non-cognizable offences such as assault, stalking, cheating, etc, only a complaint can be filed online.

Which is the highest post in police?

Director General of Police
Police Ranks and Badges.

Sl No Rank
1 Director General of Police
2 Addl. Director General of Police
3 Inspector General of Police
4 Deputy Inspector General of Police

Where is the Crime Branch located in Mumbai?

The photograph of criminals are shown to the victim and witnesses. If any criminal is not in the records his sketch is made with the help of police artist and Computer Branch. D.N. Road, Mumbai – 400 001. Missing Persons Bureau. This is the centralized branch situated in The Compound Of The Office Of Commissioner of Police, Mumbai.

How are criminal records classified in Mumbai Police?

The records are classified on the basis of modus – operandi (the mode of operations, the particular way of committing a crime ) of criminals. The photograph of criminals are shown to the victim and witnesses. If any criminal is not in the records his sketch is made with the help of police artist and Computer Branch. D.N. Road, Mumbai – 400 001.

Which is the cyber police station in Mumbai?

CYBER POLICE STATION, BKC – This branch deals with the investigation of website hacking, cyber stalking, cyber pornography, e-mail, credit card crime, software piracy, on-line fraud and internet crime ( Click here to read more)

How many police stations are there in Navi Mumbai?

The Commissionerate of Police is divided into two zones and has a total of 20 police stations and various specialized branches. Navi Mumbai has a major congregation of citizens working in Mumbai and residing in Navi Mumbai.

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