Why are heel and lace pads used during taping?

The Pre-lubed Heel and Lace Pads are designed to be applied to the user prior to taping. This tactic is used to prevent chaffing, blisters and friction in prone areas.

What are heel and lace pads made out of?

These white foam pads are used to help protect sensitive spots or areas on the foot and heel and prevent blistering, rubbing or pinching on friction-prone areas. Pads can be used under tape and warp for best use.

Why does an athletic therapist use skin lube and heel and lace pads?

Skin Lubricants: In areas of high friction or sensitivity, a skin lubricant such as Skin-Lube with heel and lace pads will help reduce the possibility of irritation.

What is the purpose of low Dye taping?

LOW-DYE TAPING TECHNIQUE is designed to off-load the plantar fascia and provide medial ankle arch support. It is a classic taping method incorporating functional mechanical support of the foot and ankle.

What are some general rules for tape application?

Clean,dry skin. -free of lotion, oil,dirt/grass, hair.

  • Open wounds should be covered. -blisters, cuts, abrasions.
  • Areas sensitive to friction should be protected. -Achilles tendon, dorm of the foot.
  • Tape adherent. -aid in tape adherence, protective layer for the skin.
  • Pre-wrap if needed.
  • Positioning.
  • What is the purpose of heel locks in ankle taping?

    This is done to help pull the ankle joint to the outside (valgus position). This wrap is performed by: Start the tape on the inside above the ankle and wrapping under the arch of the foot (Figure 3A). Apply appropriate force on the tape to securely position the ankle joint in a stable position.

    What should be in an athletic training kit?

    Suggested Items On Your Athletic Training Supplies List

    • Athletic Tape;
    • Pre Wrap;
    • Scissors or (preferably) a tape cutter;
    • Fabric bandages;
    • Medical Examination Gloves;
    • Antibiotic Ointment;
    • Gauze pads or sponges;
    • Alcohol Wipes;

    What does taping your foot do?

    Taping can reduce the amount of stretching and moving the ligament does when you’re on your feet. This not only gives your plantar fascia a chance to heal, but it also helps prevent further damage.

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