Why is my tikona not working?

Power Cycling or Hard Rebooting (Commonly known as Rebooting) your home Wi-Fi router can fix Internet connection, improve slow connections and resolve wireless issues. How to Power Cycle / Hard reboot your Wi-Fi Router: Switch-ON Power supply to Wi-Fi router. Some Lights should be back-ON on the Router.

Why am I having problems with my network?

There are a lot of possible reasons for why your internet isn’t working. Your router or modem may be out of date, your DNS cache or IP address may be experiencing a glitch, or your internet service provider could be experiencing outages in your area. The problem could be as simple as a faulty Ethernet cable.

Is tikona broadband Good or bad?

Tikona has always given me a good and uninterrupted service. Even now, during heavy rains, my internet connection has been good and I’ve faced no issues. So I had to call the customer care of tikona broadband to notify them about the problems I was facing with the router which was at my home.

How do I fix a network connection problem?

Restart the Router Sometimes restarting the router can help fix connectivity issues. This is even truer in cases where the router has not been turned off in a while. A quick restart can jolt the router back into working like it used to. If that doesn’t work, you might also consider resetting the router.

How can I increase my tikona Internet speed?

If you use Tikona Wi-Fi make sure you are close to Wi-Fi Modem.. Periodically clearing your cache may help improve system performance and throughput . Minimize the number of applications that you have running simultaneously on your PC, along with the number of tabs open in your browser to improve performance.

How can I reactivate my tikona account?

How to De-activate and then Re-Activate Automatic Login Service on a Tikona Account ?

  1. You need to log on through https://login.tikona.in, enter User ID and Password of your Tikona account.
  2. Click on “To Register For Automatic Login Click Here” after you have logged on to your account.

What are the common network problems?

Now let’s run through some of the most common network problems that have left many users and network administrators pulling out their hair!

  • High Bandwidth Usage.
  • High CPU Usage.
  • Physical Connectivity Issues.
  • Malfunctioning Devices or Equipment.
  • DNS Issues.
  • Interference in the Wireless Network.

What to do if mobile data is on but not working?

What to do when my mobile data is on but not working:

  1. Toggle on/off Airplane mode.
  2. Restart your device.
  3. Empower the right network mode.
  4. Reset your device’s APN settings.
  5. Set APN protocol to IPv4/IPv6.
  6. Wipe cache partition from recovery mode.
  7. Reset your phone’s network settings.

Is Hathway internet good?

Please don’t go with hathway. It is worst. Speed is too slow. There customer care service is also very bad, automated voice will come most of the time and if by chance person picks a call he/she will say that from their end their is no issue and thats it.

How does tikona broadband work?

Like any other broadband service, Tikona 4G Home Broadband is a wireless, always-on internet connection that allows you to upload, download, stream content or web pages at high data speeds at any given point of time.

How do I log into my tikona modem?

Please go for Tikona Login Page https://login.tikona.in . Enter Tikona User ID and password of your account. Happy surfing! of your personal WI-FI router.

What happens if I Disconnect my Tikona service?

It will come handy in case you may need to know the proper way of having your tikona broadband service disconnected. Please know that the request for service disconnection is a process taken by tikona backend team after its tech guy on your site reports the same.

What is your review of Tikona Digital Networks?

Point is Рif you can manage to determine the number of consumers of tikona broadband service in or around your area and the company’s bandwidth capacity in distribution, believe me, you will do yourself a great favor by opting for a great service (if the number of consumers is less than the bandwidth capacity being allocated by the ISP).

How to file a police complaint against Tikona?

The person who had come for connection told us we will get the refund in 45 days. Want to launch a police complaint against them such pathetic company it is. No professional employees they don’t have manners to talk with customers and this show how their service would be. Do let me know if anyone of you have faced the same issue.

How is Tikona doing justice to its customers?

Tikona you are not doing any justice to your customers like me and your executives. You are misusing our sympathy and their hard work and doing nothing to improve your service. This is high time you do something. Or else consider us saying bye to you. Form my point of view. What you need is a better bandwidth and more access point.

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