Will R56 wheels fit R53?

Yep most R53 wheels will fit R56s- depending on which model you have obviously – JCW brakes are too big for some old style wheels.

What is the difference between R53 and R56?

The R53 is noticeable more “sporty” with a low ground clearance that gives you that go-kart feel, with the over all feeling of it being smaller you get the feeling with the R53 that you can chuck it round corners with no worries the grip is great with no fear of chucking it round a corner at 50mph, whereas the R56 has …

Do mini wheels fit BMW?

No BMW wheels won’t fit on the MINI because all modern BMW’s have a 5 bolt pattern and the mini is a 4 bolt pattern. TSW make some wheels called TSW Pace which look a bit like the one in the photo.

What size are MINI Cooper wheels?

MINI Cooper S Wheel Size

Cooper S Bolt Pattern (Lug Pattern) PCD 4×100 See Adapters
Center bore (hub bore) 56.1 mm Use Hub Centric Rings
Thread size (Lug Nut Size) M14 x 1.25 Lug Nuts
Stock Rim Sizes Range 15×6.5 – 19×7.5 Hubcaps
Custom rim sizes range 17×7.0 – 19×9.5 Aftermarket Wheels

Will R56 wheels fit R50?

All R56 wheels will fit a stock R50.

What does ET mean on wheels?

insertion depth
Share. Offset is usually stamped or engraved into the wheel and is measured in millimetres of ‘ET’ [ET is the short form of the German word ‘Einpresstiefe’ which literally translates as ‘insertion depth’] Positive Offset wheels have their mounting face toward the front face of the wheel.

Is the R56 bigger than the R53?

The first thing you notice with the R56 is that it is much larger than the R53, it looks more robust. Its another step away from the Mini look and what the original Mini stood for. From English N14 Mini made by a German company ( From American and English parts).

What does R56 mean?

The 2007-2013 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hatchback model number is “R56” and is the 2nd Generation model that replaced the gen1 hatchback models in 2007 with a completely new car from top to bottom.

What kind of wheels fit my car?

The two easiest ways are to check the sticker plate in your car, it should be located inside the driver side door, or look online for the vehicle specifications for your exact make and model. That should tell you the standard rim size.

How do I know what rims fit my car?

What does et 44 mean on a wheel?

“ET44” means a 44-millimeter positive offset or 44mm off center on the roadside of the rim. “ET” comes from the German word “Einpresstiefe” which means “insertion depth.”

Does ET wheel matter?

“Is lower ET acceptable when it comes to alloy wheels?” It does not matter whether you have alloy or steel wheels. The wheel must be located in the very same place, so the material does not often come into consideration.

Can a Brembo disc fit on a R53?

Note – these R56 4 pot Brembo calipers and disc will fit an R53 model BUT wheel clearance is the issue due to the physical size of the disc and caliper. However many users have fitted spacers and the wheels will fit. If you go this route make sure you know how to get your wheels to fit!

What’s the difference between R53 and R56 front brake hoses?

However, there is one significant difference with the R56 caliper in that the brake hose fitting is a ‘screw in’ type not ‘banjo’. This is simply overcome as you just purchase R56 front brake hoses to suit the R56 caliper fitting. They fit easily to the R53 models.

How big are the wheels on a mini R56?

The majority of R56 MCS’s – in the UK at least – come with 17” wheels as part of the Chili pack which the majority of buyers spec. Combined with the RFTs I found the ride/handling lacking.

When to use a mini wheel fitment chart?

You can however refer to this chart manually when purchasing wheels to determine which wheel sizes you require. Customers typically use this fitment chart when looking to buy or replace the wheels on their MINI with a larger diameter set or a different style, and so it is important to ensure you choose the correct wheels.

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