Are Snoopy watches worth anything?

How much is a Snoopy Timex Watch worth? Today, Snoopy Timex Watches in mint condition can see for $100-$150.

Why does Omega use Snoopy?

Since the Omega Speedmaster played an important role during Apollo 13, as one of the pieces of equipment that served as backup to the faulty instruments and thus helped save the crew members, on 5 October 1970 NASA gave the Omega and the Speedmaster a Snoopy award to acknowledge the crucial role the watch played.

When was the first Snoopy Watch launched?

The Silver Snoopy is an award given by NASA to employees and colleague agencies for outstanding contributions to mission safety or success. First introduced in 1968, the honour was back by Schulz himself, who was an avid supporter of the US space programme—and the Peanuts-NASA connection doesn’t end there.

Is Omega Snoopy a good investment?

Despite not being vintage Omega watches, these Silver Snoopy models all offer significant returns for any collectors that are lucky enough to pick them up for their original retail prices, and they easily rank among the best investment Speedmaster watches available today.

What can you do in 14 seconds Omega?

The Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award Watch Along the counter of the OMEGA Apollo 13, there’s text that reads, “What could you do in 14 seconds?” The message is a reference to the critical window the crew had to burn the engines on the Apollo 13 mission.

Why is Snoopy associated with NASA?

NASA has shared a proud association with Charles M. Schulz and his American icon Snoopy since Apollo missions began in the 1960s. Because the mission required the lunar module to skim the Moon’s surface to within 50,000 feet and “snoop around” scouting the Apollo 11 landing site, the crew named the lunar module Snoopy.

What could you do in 14 seconds?

Along the counter of the OMEGA Apollo 13, there’s text that reads, “What could you do in 14 seconds?” The message is a reference to the critical window the crew had to burn the engines on the Apollo 13 mission.

Who wore the Speedmaster?

1: Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Celebrities such as George Clooney and Tom Hanks have both been spotted wearing the Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional from Omega. The Omega Speedmaster watch is probably the most famous brand since it was the very first timepiece to make it to the moon.

Did Snoopy Land on the Moon?

Snoopy’s descent stage was jettisoned in lunar orbit; its current location is unknown. Further, it is unclear whether the descent stage impacted the lunar surface, or if it remains in lunar orbit.

Who is NASA mascot?

Snoopy has been on the job for 50 plus years and continues to this day in his role as NASA’s safety mascot.

What’s the history of the Omega Speedmaster Professional?

Moreover, to commemorate the exceptional achievement, the case backs of the Speedmaster Professional were changed. The engraved Hippocampus was removed and the phrases “The first watch worn on the moon” and “Flight qualified by NASA for all manned space missions” were engraved.

Are there any replacement straps for the Omega Speedmaster?

Omega Speedmaster Replacement Straps & Bracelets – Brand New & Authentic Free Overnight Shipping – Omega Speedmaster Replacement Straps & Bracelets – 100% Brand New and Authenticity Guaranteed – Purchase a New Strap for your Omega Watch today! Weekly Sale| Free Next Day Ship | Ends 6/18

When did Wally Schirra wear his Omega Speedmaster?

These were the years of the first manned space missions. The solo-flight Mercury space programme was almost completed (the astronaut Wally Schirra had worn his own Speedmaster ref. CK 2998 on his Mercury flight on the 3rd of October, 1962) and NASA was preparing for the Gemini (two-man) and Apollo (three-man) missions.

When was the Omega Speedmaster reference CK 2998 made?

Produced in 1958, this well-preserved 38 mm stainless steel chronograph was originally sold in Costa Rica. In 1959, a second Speedmaster version – the reference CK 2998 – was released with alpha hands and a black aluminium bezel to improve readability.

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