Is a space elevator a good idea?

A space elevator is possible with today’s technology, researchers say (we just need to dangle it off the moon) Space elevators would dramatically reduce the cost of reaching space but have never been technologically feasible.

How much would an elevator to space cost?

A space elevator built according to the Edwards proposal is estimated to cost $6 billion.

Can you get on top of space elevator satisfactory?

After each delivery, the Space Elevator will ascend to the sky for a few minutes then descend back to the lower level. The delivery mechanism of the Space Elevator doesn’t have collision maps, so if the player managed to work their way up to the top, they won’t be able to walk around on it.

Where is the best place to build a space elevator?

geostationary orbit
The greatest tension on a space elevator cable is at the point of geostationary orbit, 35,786 km (22,236 mi) above the Earth’s equator.

What would happen if a space elevator broke?

If the break occurred at higher altitude, up to about 25,000 km, the lower portion of the elevator would descend to Earth and drape itself along the equator east of the anchor point, while the now unbalanced upper portion would rise to a higher orbit.

Why don’t we have space elevators?

Instead of burning expensive fuel to launch heavy objects off of Earth’s surface, the elevator could convey them up the tether past lower Earth orbit and into space. But the real reason space elevators only exist in science fiction is simple: We can’t build them.

Can a space elevator be built?

Experts say a space elevator could be possible with current technology, especially if we were to build it on the moon. A lunar elevator would not have to contend with the Earth’s gravitational force or space debris. There are still many details to iron out, though, including how to build such a monumental structure.

How long would a space elevator take?

Travel on a space elevator would not be fast! The travel time from one end to the other would be several days to a month. To put the distance in perspective, if the climber moved at 300 km/hr (190 mph), it would take five days to reach geosynchronous orbit.

What is needed for space elevator Phase 3?

Phase 3. Phase 3 will be the hardest one to accomplish and might take more than a few days to finish. The delivery requirement will be 2,500 Versatile Framework, 500 Modular Engine and 100 Adaptive Control Unit. Just like before, you can keep your Versatile Framework production and maybe even increase it.

What’s the goal in satisfactory?

The player, a pioneer, is dropped onto an alien planet with a handful of tools and must harvest the planet’s natural resources to construct increasingly complex factories for automating all resource needs. The initial goal is to build a Space Elevator and begin supplying the company the player works for (FICSIT Inc.)

How long would it take to ride a space elevator?

Is the space elevator a science fiction idea?

The idea of a giant tower that can carry us from Earth to outer space is science fiction, but a company has successfully Kickstarted what they say is their first step to building one on the Moon.

Is it possible to build an elevator to space?

Given the physical, scientific and economic limits, it seems practically impossible to build a space elevator. Furthermore, is it even necessary? We’re already able to send stuff to space, and there are people living on the International Space Station (although they’re in Low Earth Orbit at about 450 km, rather than 100,000 km).

Which is the Best Elevator Company in the world?

Ameriglide is a mobility company that focuses on affordable home modifications for the average homeowner. Founded in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2004, this company caters to homeowners with a DIY mentality, and it is perhaps most famous for its stairlifts.

When was the first elevator sent to the Moon?

After the Wright brothers invented the first airplane in 1903, it took us only 66 years to send a man to the moon. Our engineering and scientific capabilities are clearly impressive, but perhaps it’s time we took a look at the challenges beyond anything previously imagined… maybe it’s finally time for a space elevator. What is a Space Elevator?

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