What kind of ships does Ulstein Verft build?

What kind of ships does Ulstein Verft build?

Ulstein Verft builds a wide range of highly efficient ships with lasting competitiveness. We offer our combined know-how in the areas of design, engineering, project management, construction, installation and commissioning. We are shipbuilders, delivering quality on-time – as we have done since 1917.

What kind of work does Ulstein shipyard do?

Originating as a mechanical workshop for repairing fishing vessel, Ulstein of today possesses unique shipbuilding experience, varying from newbuilds to upgrades and conversions. We keep focused on project management, efficient logistics and outfitting methods to achieve on-time delivery. Offers engineering and classification services.

How big is the crane at Ulstein shipbuilding?

All assets are in walking distance from the yard administration offices. The heavy lift division in Ulstein’s shipbuilding area takes on assignments along the Norwegian coast. Their Demag CC2800-1 crane can lift up to 600 tonnes. The barge has capacity up to 2,000 tonnes.

What makes shipbuilding an art and a science?

Our in-house engineering pool covering the whole aspect of shipbuilding, from the first advisory talks all through to testing and delivery. Shipbuilding is both an art and a science, calling for a high level of expertise and a workforce able to deliver products that provide long-term competitiveness.

What kind of ship is the Ulstein hospital?

One solution is hospital vessels (Emergency Support Vessels – ESVs). Ulstein has developed a portfolio of ESVs of different types and sizes for world-wide operations.

When did Ulstein start making offshore wind turbines?

With an iconic brand we have launched ships still unmatched. All this while continuously innovating systems and products through extensive research and development programs, always combining the latest technology with contemporary design. Ulstein has been active in the offshore wind market since 2006.

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